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“I Like Turtles” Zombie Boy Thinks DJ Shortpants Is Super!

Greetings!  Marvin Greenwater here, and it’s a momentous day in the garden!  Superstar DJ Shortpants has received a heartfelt endorsement from quite possibly the most famous Zombie Boy on the planet!

Little Jonathan Zombie, who found fame because he likes turtles, has now weighed in with his in-depth evaluation of the stupendous stylings of DJ Shortpants!  An historic day, indeed.

But I’ll let the incredibly tasteful, and magnificently shrewd Zombie Boy speak for himself:


Welcome To Heck

Hello there!  My name is Marvin Greenwater, part-time Michael Jackson look-alike and full-time manager of the most exciting, mind-blowing new artist to come down the pike in a donkey’s years – DJ Shortpants.

Marvin Greenwater, Esq. - Manager Extraordinaire

Congratulations are in order, because you’ve just stumbled across the Interweb home for all of incredible new artist DJ Shortpants‘ creative endeavours!

These spurts of ingenious geniousness could include (but are not limited to) outrageously over-the-top videos, phantasmagorically phantastic musical mixes, and even the occasional short story from the famously festering mind of the supremely talented, almost awe-inspiringly god-like, DJ Shortpants.

So, Dear Guest, welcome!  And remember…Cha-mone!

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