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Arthur Daley Smoking Filthy Fags With A Cloned Scottish Sheep (No Homophobes Remix)

This is the official video for my second song. I’m so honoured to have hot boyband sensation JLS (aka Jazzy Like Shortpants) co-starring in this official video for my second song. They are terrific people to work with and we all had quite a laugh working on this official video for my second song. They smell kind of salty.

You may also recognize the voice of another special guest in this official video for my second song.  Yes, that’s right…Wirr Parmel, the President of China, stopped by the studio when we were recording and I put him to work. That’s him doing the uncanny Kermit The Frog impression in this official video for my second song.


A Chicken On My Head, Part 2

The second in a series of films examining the lives of people who may, or may not, have chickens on their heads.

“I Like Turtles” Zombie Boy Thinks DJ Shortpants Is Super!

Greetings!  Marvin Greenwater here, and it’s a momentous day in the garden!  Superstar DJ Shortpants has received a heartfelt endorsement from quite possibly the most famous Zombie Boy on the planet!

Little Jonathan Zombie, who found fame because he likes turtles, has now weighed in with his in-depth evaluation of the stupendous stylings of DJ Shortpants!  An historic day, indeed.

But I’ll let the incredibly tasteful, and magnificently shrewd Zombie Boy speak for himself:

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